Discovering the new Digital world

I’m Pier Lorenzo Paracchini, a "generalist" with a passion for people, data and technology. I am Italian and, currently, living in Oslo (Norway).

I have a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering from the “Politecnico Di Milano”, a valuable experience in Software Engineering and, at the moment, working as an enthusiast developer with a data scientist/ machine learning twist in the Software Innovation sector in Statoil.

My journey started in 2014, when for curiosity I started the first module of the "Data Science Specialization" at Coursera. Since then I have been hooked within Digitalization and its different applications like AI, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, ... .

I am intrigued to discover how the use of digital technologies can help to change/ improve our way of living, our business models and provide new value-producing opportunities.

I have learnt a lot of things, and still, have many exciting and interesting things to learn and master. In this site I will capture the interesting experiences, learning and experiments found on my journey.

//Pier Lorenzo Paracchini